Radio Foodist– Our 12 Stations are designed around styles of music that play around the world in 200 plus countries.

G Ditteo Radio- LGBTQ Community from dance to parodies

Funk, Folk, Rock– Based around the style of music of Osiris Wildfire

Rock2Roll -Plays Rock Music from the 60-present

M.A.R.S. Modern Alternative Rock Station – Plays from 1970 to present

Fabolous Radio – Plays 1950, 1960, 1970 if you know what a sock hop is you will love this station

5150 Mad Metal Radio – Plays Metal some stuff the radio plays, but mostly what the FM stations Can’t or Won’t

Highway 42 Country – Plays top 40 country with Country Rap, Trucker music, Out Law and Country Parody music. Plus Chef Murph’s Midnight Mother Trucker program

G Empowerment Radio – Is a positive channel with gospel music.

Chef Murph Radio Chef Murph Radio Programming includes:

health podcast 9 AM EST, Midnight Mother Trucker 12-6 AM EST , EDM House Party Friday Nights 7-12 PM EST Saturday Nights 7-12 PM metal Kitchen


Multiple EDM Types